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Claremont Speaks
June 26, 2022

"People NEED art - it is not just a luxury": Seth Pringle, Co-Curator at the Claremont Lewis Museum of Art, explains and highlights CMLA's and other local art shows.

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The Claremont Lewis Museum of Art is one of Claremont's emerging art venues, bringing some of the best of the best art, in many forms, to Claremont and visitors.  Seth Pringle, CLMA's Co-Curator, art educator/expert and amazing artist/ceramist in his own right, speaks about how the CLMA is growing, the various shows that have been and are to come, and the education programs and other opportunities the CLMA is offering.  In addition, Seth reveals other local exhibits and shows of interest, including the Maloof Residence and the fascinating show "Built on Water" at the Ontario Museum, an art show that is as much an educational experience regarding out use of water in SoCal - Seth offers key insight into how we can improve, be more efficient and effective, and save real money in the bargain.

For anyone who is a member of the Claremont Lewis Museum of Art, or enjoys seeing the best of both the old and new, Seth's interview provides an extra measure of insight and an added level of enjoyment to your next visit.

To see more of Seth Pringle'swork and contact him (and tell him you liked his CS episode, of course), visit   www.sethpringle.com

For the Claremont Lewis Museum of Art's latest shows, hours and information, go to https://clmoa.org/

To learn more about the Maloof exhibit opening soon:  https://www.malooffoundation.org/

For information on "Built on Water"and more at the Ontario Museumhttps://www.ontariomuseum.org/

And to explore the The dA Center for the Arts (Pomona Centro de Artes y Cultura)
please visithttps://www.dacenter.org/

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