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Claremont Speaks
Dec. 24, 2022

Random Shorts 2022: Lori and Hector, enjoying the Happy Crowd's Last Concert

Random Shorts 2022: Lori and Hector, enjoying the Happy Crowd's Last Concert
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During the year, the hardworking staff at Claremont Speaks sometimes ventures into the wilds of Claremont, armed only with a field recorder and a couple of microphones, in hopes of speaking to everyday people about everyday stuff.

Unfortunately, sometmes a few of these random, short interviews get superseded due to time and scheduling constraints.  This series - Random Shorts - is intended to wrap up what has been an exceptional 2022, and air those worthy and real interviews, in their natural state, as much as is practicable.

This interview, with the lovely and talented Loriand her conversational companion Hector, was conducted during the height of theHappy Crowd's last performance.  Although most of the background sounds have been masterfully mitigated, the conversation is real and unedited.  The pair discuss their careers, growing up in Claremont, how Claremont's people are accepting and friendly more so than elsewhere, and a myriad of other short topics. 

These Random Shorts are intended to simply give the people that choose to speak a chance to be heard.  Look for more of the best of 2022's Random Shorts to come.  For 2023, if you see the Claremont Speaks' interviewer walking around - easily identifiable by the fashion-forward "Claremont Speaks" T-shirt and a handful of recording gear - be ye not shy; step up, say hi, and ask to  talk about...whatever is on your mind.

Feedback, questions, comments, constructive criticism are all welcomed and encouraged.
Send to claremontspeaks@gmail.comwith Feedbackin the subject line, or go to the appropriate page on Claremont Speaks' website - https://www.claremontspeaks.com

Claremont Speaks is a Paradise Road Media production. PRM is dedicated to helping you create, launch and produce your own podcast, allowing you to focus on being the creator while PRM does the rest. To explore using the power of your own podcast for your self or to promote your business, charity, political group...or any other reason...email paradiseroadmedia@gmail.com.

Claremont Speaks' goal is to provide Claremont's people, businesses, charities, political organizations and active citizens/coalitions an improved venue for speaking out, and being heard in their own words and voice. 

To become a guest speaker on Claremont Speaks, please either email russ@claremontspeaks.comand/or fill out the Claremont Speaks Guest Intake Form and clarify the issues or topics about which you wish to speak.  There are very few restrictions nor limits on topics, time, even language...which is counter to what is offered at City meetings and similar public events.