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Aug. 7, 2022

Rt. 66 is ON! Kiwanians Julie Martin and Raul Rodriguez spill the details on one of Claremont's biggest annual events.

Rt. 66 is ON! Kiwanians Julie Martin and Raul Rodriguez spill the details on one of Claremont's biggest annual events.
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If you want to party in the west, the Kiwanians' party is the best.
Get your kicks at (The Kiwanis') Route Sixty-Six...party.
(with apologies to Nat King Cole*, The Rolling Stones, etc.)

The Kiwanis group of Claremont brings many events to the city, and in many ways helps make Claremont the desirable destination that it is.  Among those Kiwanians, Raul Rodriguez and Julie Martin are two of the key members that make things happen.  Raul is "the face of the Kiwanis" for many years and Julie is instrumental in their "behind the scenes" success.  They took an early Sunday morning to meet in Claremont Speak's outdoor studio - L'atelier Du Parc Mémorial - to discuss their many years of constructive involvement with the Kiwanis, the great contributions the group makes to Claremont and its people and then to highlight the extraordinary annual event-of-the-season that has returned, bigger than ever.

If you are looking for the best way to send off summer in style, the Kiwanis Rt. 66 event has no equal.  The combination of music from the Ravelers, dancing, great food, a casino and a shot at some of the coolest prizes imaginable in their silent auction - all while supporting scholarships, camps and more - makes this the "don't miss" event of the year.  When you go, be sure to find Julie and Raul, say hello and tell them how much you enjoyed their first podcast appearance...and that you're looking forward to more.

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*Nat King Cole: Rt. 66

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