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Claremont Speaks
July 15, 2022

Should Claremont tax medicine? Megan Mbengue - RN, CannaNurse and passionate activist - discusses Cannabis Taxation in Claremont and much, much more.

Should Claremont tax medicine?  Megan Mbengue - RN, CannaNurse and passionate activist - discusses Cannabis Taxation in Claremont and much, much more.
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During a recent City Council meeting's Public Comment, Megan Mbengue was a standout participant, and conveyed a concise and cogent argument regarding the decision to tax cannabis deliveries, sales and more in Claremont, and whether it really helps/ benefits those that truly need cannabis products for medicinal purposes.

Megan’s four minutes were so unusually well delivered, fact filled and straight to the point, Claremont Speaks instantly invited Megan Mbengue, RN and Trusted Cannanurse, to speak on an episode of her own - a chance to expand on the four minutes allowed in Public Comment.  Megan immediately took the opportunity - we recorded  in the cool of the morning in Memorial Park a few days later - and proceeded to inform and educate like few others.  She knows her subject matter,  bringing forward a wealth of surprising history and little-known facts and figures.  She adeptly explains complex germane organic chemistry and biochemical concepts in a way that the lay person can understand, yet provides a refreshing level of humor to what might otherwise be a somewhat dry topic, making it relatable and clear.

Key amongst the topics Megan discusses is her opposition to the City of Claremont's proposal to place an additional tax on cannabis grown and sold in Claremont.  On a medicine much needed by many and alreadyheavily taxed (As of Jan. 1, cannabis is taxed at a flat rate of about $161 a pound, on top of a 15 percent excise tax), Claremont is considering adding several percent more, making it even less available through safe, tested and legal means for those who truly need it as a medicine - and further encouraging the illicit market.

In addition to being a Claremont resident for the last five years, Megan is a top rated hospice nurse, a cannabis nurse, a grad school student and an active cannabis advocate.  Megan is the owner of Trusted Canna Nurse, a startup she operates with her mother, also a RN.  Her business is dedicated to providing cannabis education to patients, healthcare providers and dispensaries, as well as her own line of quality, tested, custom-blended CBD products.

If, after listening to this episode, you believe laboratory tested and certified, professionally blended, REAL CBD (many fakes on the market) products and expert guidance might be right for you, Megan  encourages you/everyone to contact her without hesitation.  And when you do, be sure to mention you heard and liked her Claremont Speaks episode.

Cell:  608-234-8662
Website: https://www.trustedcannanurse.com/
Email:  megan@trustedcannanurse.com

Cannabis Workshop at the Laemmle Theater - Sept. 17, 2022

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