Claremont Speaks
Feb. 14, 2021

"Smoke on the water, or go even further away, OK?" - Interview with Shae Green and Erika Gonzales, representing Smoke Free Claremont/NCADD

This timely and inspiring episode features Smoke-Free Claremont/NCADD representatives Shae Green and Erika Gonzales in an informative, insightful and, ideally, motivating interview spotlighting the great work that Smoke-Free Claremont has done and the progress they've made, the important services that The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of East San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, Inc. (NCADD-ESGPV) provide to the community, and the steps that Claremont genuinely needs to take to improve their American Lung Association rating of F - yes, F - for all our residents and visitors.  Erika and Shae provide a wealth of information about how NCADD is working to treat smoking as an addiction, reduce/eliminate second-hand smoke exposure, and offer important information about the latest corporate-backed health- disaster-in-progress, vaping.  With your health on the line, listening to this episode is a worthwhile time-investment for anyone who would like to make a rational and informed decision regarding whether to start smoking or is seeking compassionate, non-judgemental, effective assistance in stopping.