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Claremont Speaks
Feb. 22, 2022

Steven Llanusa, Claremont Unified School District President, delves into the key issues of CUSD.

Steven Llanusa, Claremont Unified School District President, delves into the key issues of CUSD.

Steven Llanusa, President of the Claremont Unified School district and one who has spent a lifetime in service to education, set aside some time for an interview to better acquaint the listener a bit about himself and the latest issues at CUSD.  Steve takes the listener on a deep-dive regarding several complex and important topics affecting the Claremont Unified School District, perfectly balancing humility, intelligent humor and thoughtful clarification while providing a perspective of interest to anyone with a stake in Claremont's School System - one of our city's main attractions. 
Steven's clear and precise style, a benefit of his 30 years of teaching and experience gained from being involved with almost every facet of the education system, is evident as he effortlessly crystallizes the many considerations surrounding the maps for the five "by-trustee" areas, the considerations involved with debates surrounding the School Resource Officer and the advantages and trade-offs that the use of technology has brought - and much more.  Steve Llanusa's credentials include classroom teacher, administrator, PFA-member as a parent of three Claremont USD graduates, the Technology Coordinator at a Science Magnet/Technology Academy school in San Bernardino County, and the key developer of the math and science curriculum for the NASA STEP program.  Steven's unique breadth and depth of experience combined with his easy, personable style make this episode enjoyable and educational for anyone, and one to recommend to others, regardless of whether they have (or are) students in one or more of Claremont's fine schools.

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