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Claremont Speaks
March 5, 2021

"The Dodgers - Discussed, Debated and Dissected" Jed Leano and Steve Haskins analyze the Dodger trades, the players, Lasorda and the 2021 season.

Dodger and baseball uber-fans Steve Haskins and Jed Leano return to Claremont Speaks to review and critique the many moves the Dodgers have made in the off-season, evaluate the money spent and potential value received, remember Tommy Lasorda and reveal their expectations and predictions for the 2021 season in an interview that shows a depth of knowledge and insight to which most mortal fans can only aspire. 
CAUTION:  Listening to this episode may have lingering side effects, such as:
- a heightened appreciation for baseball in general and particularly the players.
- an understanding of how players are valued and why they are so highly compensated.
- repeated gasping in surprise at how much winning a ball game really costs
- increased enjoyment of watching baseball, especially the Dodgers 
- being able to discuss the Dodgers at a level that will impress your friends and scare your significant other.
- a smile that lasts all day.
Enjoying this episode while quaffing a cool, flat beer from a plastic cup and devouring a Dodger Dog is strongly recommended.  

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