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Claremont Speaks
June 6, 2022

The Healthy Mind; Rimmi Hundal, Tri-City Mental Health Services' Executive Director reveals TCMHS abilities to help nearly anyone.

The Healthy Mind; Rimmi Hundal, Tri-City Mental Health Services' Executive Director reveals TCMHS abilities to help nearly anyone.
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Amongst Claremont's plethora of unique and valuable people, businesses and services, Tri-City Mental Health Services might best fit the metaphor of "Hidden Gem."  Rimmi Hundal, TCMHS' new Executive Director, introduces herself, recounts her life's path to this point and illustrates how what became her dream-job seemed to be a custom-fit for her (and she for it).  With stories and examples, she outlines just a few of Tri-City's many achievements, and extolls the value of the myriad of benefits and services that TCMHS's dedicated staff of highly educated and trained experts enjoy providing.

Rimmi's childhood exposure to people from all economic levels, her many years of focused education and impactful life-experiences combine to help Rimmi empathize with, and pursue her real passion for helping other people cope with and/or work through varying degrees of mental health issues.  Research shows that a large segment of the population, at some time or another, has some Mental Health issue - minor to severe - that could benefit from the help Rimmi and Tri-City provide.  From just overcoming "having a bad day" to conditions which require medical attention and therapy, Rimmi Hundal and Tri-City are eager and able to assist at any level.  She invites everyone to take a few moments to visit Tri-City Mental Health Services' offices, become acquainted with the broad spectrum of TCMHS's capabilities and programs, and meet their dedicated, matchless staff.   Please accept her invitation - and let Rimmi know you enjoyed her CS episode; a big smile is guaranteed.

For more information:
Tri-City Mental Health Service's website: https://www.tricitymhs.org/

Administrative Offices:
1717 N Indian Hill Blvd, Ste B
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 623-6131
(909) 623-4073 (Fax)

Other locations:

Rimmi's outstanding article in The Claremont Courier

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