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Claremont Speaks
Sept. 3, 2022

The quality of aging is a choice - Jennifer and Adam Smith of The Exercise Coach on exercise, muscle quality and life in general.

The quality of aging is a choice - Jennifer and Adam Smith of The Exercise Coach on exercise, muscle quality and life in general.
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Everyone makes choices in their lives; circumstances change, jobs can disappear, and many have a desire to do something on their own.   Jennifer and Adam Smith were faced with the need for a change, and chose to do what really interested them.  Leaving behind their stressful jobs and careers in which they felt burned out, together they decided to do something that made them feel good: helping others.  They opened The Exercise Coach workout locations in Claremont and Glendora, and haven't regretted a moment since, and their client's testimonials are the main reason.

Join the incredibly likable, upbeat and ambitious fitness experts - who are secretly smart, clever and tenacious entrepreneurs - in their journey from meeting in college to establishing themselves as the hi-tech exercise leaders of the area.  Jen and Adam are helping clients from 14 to 80+ become fit, improve their muscle quality, and progressively make a real difference in their lives, health and well being.  This, in turn and by extension, improves the quality of the lives in the community and Claremont as a result - in just two 20 minute workouts a week.   

Listen to their story,  stop in and see Jen, Adam or one of their top-rated staff at their locations in Claremont and Glendora. then try their program for a couple of sessions.  See for yourself how better muscle tone and efficient, coached exercising can be the catalyst for change you may just need.  Above all, be sureto say you heard about The Exercise Coach on Claremont Speaks.

VIDEO | Smart Personal Training
PODCAST | Strength Changes Everything®
WEBSITE | www.exercisecoach.com

The Exercise Coach in Claremont 
578 East Baseline
Claremont, CA, 91711
(626) 788-2360

The Exercise Coach in Glendora 
1395 S Grand Ave Suite 130, 
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 788-1015

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