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Claremont Speaks
Dec. 2, 2022

The Turkey Trot Chronicles (pt 3) - Darlene Berg of Endless Fitness, on the race, fitness and sponsoring Students in Need.

The Turkey Trot Chronicles (pt 3) - Darlene Berg of Endless Fitness, on the race, fitness and sponsoring Students in Need.
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At an event that is so much about fitness, everyone naturally expects to see Darlene Berg, Owner of Endless Fitness.  And she did not disappoint; Darlene participated on many levels - helping to organize the 1K race, running in the 5K and having a booth at the event.  After all that, she was still kind enough to take a few minutes to share her day at the event and the latest news and programs at Endless Fitness.  Key among them is her sponsorship of Students in Need and their wish lists through the Claremont School District.  Enjoy this short episode - a quick peek into her generosity and positive spirit which seeks to have people thrive and live better - then consider stopping in to learn more.
Visit Endless Fitness' website for more information

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