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Claremont Speaks
Dec. 3, 2022

The Turkey Trot Chronicles (pt 4) - Anil, Kunjin and Cairo, on the race and creating a new family tradition.

The Turkey Trot Chronicles (pt 4) - Anil, Kunjin and Cairo, on the race and creating a new family tradition.
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Anil, Kunjin and 3 yr-old Cairo, were cooling off after the 5K, and were amenable to talking briefly bout their first-ever Turkey trot.  They discuss their livelihood, Claremont, the race and how pushing a 3-year old in a stroller the whole way should get some points for "degree of difficulty."  Perspiration or not, Anil, Kunjin and his family intend to make the Turkey Trot an annual family tradition; one of the Sunrise Rotary Club's main objectives.

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