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Claremont Speaks
July 16, 2022

The Winter's Tale - Shakespeare Presented As Intended: Randy Lopez, CEO of Ophelia's Jump, discusses OJP's current Midsummer's Shakespeare Festival offering.

The Winter's Tale - Shakespeare Presented As Intended: Randy Lopez, CEO of Ophelia's Jump, discusses OJP's current Midsummer's Shakespeare Festival offering.
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Randy Lopez, CEO of Ophelia's Jump, Executive Director of the Claremont Chamber of Commerce and one of the  most recognized folks in Claremont took a few moments to discuss OJP's new Shakespeare Summer Festival offering.  The show opens July 14, 2022  at the Sontag Theater in the heart of Claremont's Pomona College's stunning campus, and runs through July 24, 2022.

Randy previews the Ophelia's Jump production of Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale," and how it is being presented just as The Bard intended - outside, in an amphitheater, accessible to people to enjoy up close and involved.  He relates a bit about the history of the show, the first-rate actors and direction, amazing set design and the Green Show that comes before the main production (a tradition established in Elizabethan times).  His key point is to simply enjoy the show, be so close you almost feel a part of it, and experience live theater on a level that is found almost nowhere else.

Beatriz Casagran - Founder, Artistic Director, and the real point person to contact at Ophelia's Jump - and Randy welcome and encourage everyone that has enjoyed the show in the past and those who are looking for a new experience to come out and enjoy a unique and memorable evening...and support local live theater in the bargain.   And - as always - if you happen to speak to Randy, Beatriz or anyone from OJP, please tell them how much you liked his interview on Claremont Speaks.
Contact: Beatriz Casagran, Founding Artistic Director
Phone: 909-734-6565
Email:  info@opheliasjump.org
On Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/opheliasjump/
Ophelia's Jump Website - opheliasjump.org
Ophelia's Jump on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OpheliasJump

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