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Claremont Speaks
Oct. 28, 2022

Tough questions, honest answers...straight from the heart and mind of lifelong educator, CUSD President and Area 4 Candidate Steven Llanusa

Tough questions, honest answers...straight from the heart and mind of lifelong educator, CUSD President and Area 4 Candidate  Steven Llanusa

In the middle of the current race for the Claremont Unified School District's Board Seat for Area 4, experienced classroom educator and sixteen year CUSD School Board veteran Steven Llanusa  took some time to respond to today's tough, complicated questions facing the Board, the staff and the students.   

Given the importance of the issues at hand, Steven Llanusa took Claremont Speaks' challenge to eclipse the level of the popular group forums,   Steven embraced the opportunity and took full advantage of this open and completely unrestricted platform to provide direct, cogent answers - straight from his decades of experience and his heart - on topics that parents, students, faculty and staff...and most of Claremont...would surely place at the pinnacle of importance.  The value of his experience, empathy and abilities is evident as he discusses school funding, critical race theory being taught (or not) in the schools, banning of books in the library vs. required reading, the value and harm of different levels of active shooter drills, mental health programs for the students and the impact/value of the School Resource Officers on the students as a few examples.

If you care about Claremont's schools, this is the "must-listen" episode of this year's CUSD Board election.  After listening and gaining a better understanding of this candidate, vote from a more informed vantage point.  But DO vote, please.  And when you see Steven, in the store, at a meeting or even in the park at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, please take a few seconds to tell him how much you liked this CS interview.
Steven Llanusa's Contact Information:
Email: stevenllanusa@gmail.com
Campaign Website: tiny url.com/lea 2022

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